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Reaching out together

in word and deed to share 

God's love in The Gambia 

Our Mission

We share God’s love in order to bring people into a personal relationship with HIM, with each other and with his creation. It is our desire that those who don't know him can come to trust, serve him and grow as disciples. We want to see those who live in sickness, ignorance, poor environments, poverty and unrest come to experience health, education, good environment, dignity and peace.

Who We Are

WEC International in The Gambia is part of an international Christian mission organisation working in 82 different countries. In 1966 WEC was established in The Gambia. Today we have  22 international members and their families serving in Gambia together with short term volunteers alongside approximately 20 national staff. We partner with government, NGOs, charitable organisations, churches and

para-church organisations wherever possible.

What We Do

We have established different social and practical projects with a number of ministries in order to contribute to the development efforts of the government and other stakeholders. We have projects in agriculture, medical work, Bible translation, computer studies, education and youth, and literacy.

Two Apps made by WEC Gambia on Google Play store

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Projects and Ministries

WEC is a faith-based fellowship, made up of a network of committed volunteers, and does not pay salaries. Anyone wishing to work at any of the projects below will require self funding. Join us in this faith venture, and come with, or develop a strong support base that will enable you to fulfil your calling and ministry.

Gambia Trek

Jola Fogny

Our Mission
Our Projects
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