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Vocational Training

The serious situation
Young Gambians have little or no help when it comes to their choice of profession and education. There are no career programs that allow choosing a profession according to gifts and abilities. Only very few training places exist where young people can learn a skill. It is customary that a young person learns the profession of his father or uncle in a small street workshop.

Our vision

Develop a self-sustaining vocational training centre to empower Gambian Youth to work as skilled employees or business owners.

  • To help the Gambian Church train their young people practical skills.

  • To equip them for tent making ministries.


What we have achieved
In 2013 Gunda & Roland started on the private land of a local pastor in Sukuta to build two houses and the first small workshop. Soon the first short term missionaries and apprentices started to join us in the various work and had classes as time and teachers were available. 2015 we were able to purchase a big piece of empty land in Tanje in the name of the local church ECG (Evangelical church of The Gambia). Since April 2015 we are continuously building buildings and training apprentices in Tanje. At first, we built the wall around the land, water system and the multipurpose workshop, followed by a house for accommodation, a bakery, small school building, more accommodation, Bantaba and planning to build a car workshop, store building, etc.


As of now, 2018-19, we have accomplished the development of various areas of skills. Starting with the welders, we now train carpenters, electricians, painters, masons, car mechanics, bakers and one in administration.


Future development

For the period of at least the coming five years (2019-2023) the establishment of the training centre in Tanje continuous in constructing more workshops, a dormitory for 70 apprentices, a bigger office and school building.

Parallel we train the future trainers. Training apprentices in the various skills and bringing them up onto a level where they will be able to take over responsibilities.



  • Trainers with a certificate and preferable with some years of work experience in construction work, mechanic, painting, plumbing, electricity, bakery, or other practical skills for the practical and the theoretical part of a skill training

  • Teachers to provide general knowledge (English, mathematics, business management, computers, etc.)

  • Administrator, social worker

  • Allrounder: school leaver or retired people to support mainly as teaching assistances or do any other supportive work. For 6 months or up to five years

If you are interested, please write to:

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