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Panchang - Community Learning Centre

About Us

Currently the team is lead by Toshiko Kawashima from Japan who started the Panchang Learning Centre in 2011.


The Learning Centre

We are enabling primary, junior and senior secondary school students to improve their study in various subjects through the provision of a study room and a small library with English school text books, dictionaries and reading books.  A number of classes are taught by the local school teachers. Through that ministry we build relationships with the local people, which provides opportunities to visit different families and share the gospel.

The Centre also meets the needs of the local people by providing classes for deaf and illiterate people and education on health issues. We support various developments in the village through a wide range of different programmes.

Local Projects and Community Gardens

We also work in partnership with the ECG (Evangelical Church of Gambia) in reaching out to people in the local area.

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