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Finalists of the youth football competition

Jola Literacy and Translation

Literacy Programme

Adult literacy classes in Jola are mostly active during the dry season (Nov-May) Local adults from the area are trained as literacy facilitators to teach within their respective communities.

They literacy classes are run in conjunction with small scale income generating projects. Presently garden and poultry programmes are being run to help women in particular generate income to support themselves and their families.


Jola Bible Translation 

The New Testament was published in 2011. The Old Testament is nearing completion and should be ready to go for publishing late 2019. Community involvement is crucial if they are to take ownership of the scriptures. Books of the Old Testament are regularly distributed and the local communities consulted on content and readability of the text. Bible reading competitions are held regularly to encourage further reading of the scriptures.  


Children's Ministry

There are opportunities for school children to attend the literacy centre after school to have extra help with their schoolwork. They can also join in the Jola reading class and Bible club.  

Social activates, such as a local football competition, are occasionally sponsored in order to promote reading and scripture use in the community.

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