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Gambia Without Orphans


Our vision is that every child in The Gambia would grow up in a safe and loving family and know God as their heavenly Father.

Orphans in the Gambia

There are currently about 100.000 orphans in The Gambia (UNICEF 2020). However, a majority of them live with their extended family. The work primarily targets children living in orphanages. In Africa, 90% of children in orphanages have living relatives. Through reintegration of these children into their families alongside ongoing training and support, these families will be enabled to take care of their child themselves.


The church is one key partner in reaching the vision of a Gambia Without Orphans. Awareness work and training is offered to the church members. The churches are in the society and will be equipped in how to take care of the children in their ministries and their communities.

A Global Vision

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