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Other Ministries

Kid's Club

At various locations we’re running a Kid's Club. Children come on a weekly basis to play, hear a story from the Bible, sing, do crafts and have fun. This is a great opportunity to share God's love with them and build relationships.

Anywhere you go in The Gambia, you can find many children! For most of them, it’s something new to have adults playing with them and giving positive attention to them. They soak this in like a dry sponge. Simple games and activities already make them incredibly happy and excited!

Media ministry

We were given a database with a lot of audio and audio visual material in the various local languages. Our aim is, to spread this material as widely as possible.
Still now, many people are not able to read. But most people have a mobile phone or smartphone, where you can insert a micro SD card. We copy the appropriate material on these cards. Through that, many people are able to listen to or watch the Good News in their heart language. A great tool to reach out to the unreached and share God's love and His word.

Family ministry

It’s our vision to strengthen the church by strengthening families. Together with the local church, we’re running marriage seminars and do counselling with some couples. Additionally, we’re having marriage preparation classes with couples who are about to get married. In this way we’re hoping to lay a strong foundation for godly marriages. In the future, we’d also like to provide training in various other aspects of family life.

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