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Main Clinic and Services

WEC International founded and has run the clinic for the past 50 years. They were very grateful to Evangelical Church of the Gambia (ECG) in taking over the running of the clinic at the beginning of 2018. WEC continues to support the ECG church particularly in helping to recruit expatriate clinical staff (doctors, nurses, laboratory and pharmacy staff).


Services offered by the clinic

Our aim is to meet the needs of the whole Person: body, mind, social and spiritual through outpatient, inpatient and community care. The clinic offers general outpatient services on four days a week plus a 24/7 emergency service. We offer clinics in Non Communicable Disease (including hypertension, diabetes and asthma) and run malnutrition and HIV programmes. Additionally we offer infant welfare and maternity services. We have a small 13 bed ward and two  isolation cubicles. We strongly believe in outreach to the local communities and we undertake weekly visits to surrounding villages to screen for hypertension and diabetes. We also carry out home visits to people living with HIV and other chronic diseases.

Sibanor - ECG Health Centre

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