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Our vision and purpose

  • To provide an opportunity for young boys and men to prepare for their future.

  • To encourage young boys and men to pursue physical health as well as spiritual health.



We (Sangjun & Hyejung) realized that most Gambian young boys and men love football

and want to be a professional football player like Messi, Ronaldo or Neymar. From this

point, we started running a football Club seven years ago in Brikama. We haver

regularly training sessions and provide football shoes, and uniforms, etc.

We have been successful in running the football club as well as the after school

classes.  A large number of them have been interested in knowing about the Lord

and have given their lives to Him. We’ve also planted a church in November 2016.


Recent Achievements

  1. A purchase of land (110 m X 140 m) in the name of ECG (Evangelical Church of Gambia)

  2. An international size football ground has been completed for training.

  3. A wall has been built around the land.

  4. A new water system has been installed on the land.


Future Developments

  1. We want to build a hostel to accommodate boys who are selected from the Eagle Football Club. The reason we require a hostel is because most of them come from the Brikama area. However, we are planning to select some boys from the suburbs of Brikama and Foni areas, who are interested in staying at the hostel. They will benefit from the training sessions and gain a Christian education. 

  2. The boys will be accommodated at the hostel, commute to school, enjoy daily training sessions in the afternoon, then Bible study in the evening. They will be encouraged to attend Sunday services.



Anyone who is willing to engage with our young boys and men in building a relationship, assisting them in their school subjects and training with them.

Brikama - Eagle Youth Centre

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