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Who we are

We are Im Sangtaek and Kwiok Lee and have lived here since 7th Jan 2014 with our three children. Two of our children are at the WEC boarding school in Senegal and our youngest girl is home schooled.  The rural village of Kaur is north of the Gambian river and about 200 km away from the coast where the main language is Wolof. We love serving the unreached people and have the faith that a church will be planted here in the near future.   


Youth Education


  • To provide opportunities for children to learn their own languages of Wolof and English.

  • To encourage students to study hard to develop their academic level.


Essay Contest : encourages students to improve their academic skills. The contest in held in the School after a month’s notice.

Mobile classes : provides language classes in remote areas. We regularly visit them to teach children who do not have access to learn the languages.

Community Work

We work closely with the local primary school to build community connections. We provide schools with equipment, which could be a printer and a range of stationery materials. We help in the development of a range of school facilities, which included the creation of a playground and the renovation of a library. We also provide a number of basic items that meet the needs of children who are orphaned or disabled.

Kaur - Youth Education and Community Work

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